So exactly how does one recreate the hideous brow of Western anti-hero Jonah Hex? Josh Brolin, who wanted to do it "au natural," talked about how recreating a comic book in real life can turn your eye into a raisin.

At the round table for Jonah Hex Brolin talked about the difficulties of becoming a mutated cowboy, with tape and prosthetics:


"It was a horror story, within itself. Three hours in a make-up chair, a day. We figured at the end with 46 shooting days, that I had spent five and a half full days in the make up chair. It's great for the first five days, but then after that it starts to get a little old. We're very lucky, because I did a couple prosthetics in Louisiana for [George Bush biopic] W, and we had some problems with it. This is how it worked [for Jonah Hex]: there was a piece of tape on my cheek, there was also a piece of tape behind my ear, which we fastened to the back of my neck. We put a prosthesis over that. Then I had a mouth piece that held my mouth all the way back as far as it could go, and then I had another prosthetics over that.

"Then the eye thing, that was — I wasn't going to bring that up. Jonah Hex is a comic book, it's drawn. In reality if Jonah Hex had an eye like that, it would be a little raisin somewhere back in his brain, you know what I mean? We thought about [making a computer-generated eye], but we didn't have the money to CG and all that stuff, and we really didn't want to.

"I tried is, I pulled it down, and within an hour my eye started to get infected, before I realized I'm not that committed of an actor...that I was willing to lose [an eye]... actually, I fought for it, for a little while."

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