We stuck our lens up close and personal, with the fanged beasties from planet Pandora at SDCC. Plus there's a first look at the human team sent to stir things up for the Na'vi people, including Sigourney Weaver.

It looks like what we have here are the same weirdly fanged faces, with a bit more color. The fan faced panther beak creature is the Thanator. The flying creatures are called the Sturmbeasts. But, I'm most excited about the tame little blue horse-like beast with 6-legs in the back. Can you ride him? I assume yes. Besides the new orange creatures on Pandora, we now have a better look at the crew. Behold:

Character close ups:

Full action figure shots:

Well, color me excited — as long as it's more crazy alien action than moral lecturing (and who knows at this point), I'm ready to go to Pandora.

Avatar will be in theaters on December 18th.