The massive Hasbro booth at Comic Con has multiple toy dioramas, showing off scenes from the upcoming G.I. Joe movie. See what the real American heroes are up to, in a spoilery gallery summing up the movie's many action scenes.

Things of note: first off, check out the torture chamber, with the two doctors (some sort of Cobra Commander transformation?) Poor Duke looks like he's about to get a faceful of nanomites.


Next up is the creepy Neo Viper arm in the cobra box ritual. Turns out getting bit by a Cobra does nothing for the Viper crew.

Also in the gallery are snap on Wolverine-esque arm blades, a ping pong match with anti-Coba Commander paddles (love the attention to detail), an underwater fortress battle, and lots and lots and lots of Baroness and Scarlett fighting scenes, because who doesn't like a little lady-on-lady violence. Plus we love miniature versions of things, what else does everyone spy?

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra will be out August 7, 2009.