ScarJo brings the full-on bombshell as the Black Widow, in a new Iron Man still. A G.I. Joe poster features Storm Shadow unmasked. Doctor Who set pics include an emotional moment. Plus Gamer, Book Of Eli, Kick-Ass and Fringe spoilers.

Iron Man 2:

Yahoo! Movies posted a new still featuring ScarJo as Natasha Romanoff, plus higher res versions of some stills we'd already shown you. (Click the link for a bigger version of the ScarJo image.) [Yahoo]

G.I. Joe:

A new overseas poster shows Storm Shadow without his ninja hood on. The whole thing is over at the first link. [JoBlo via Cinemablend]


The movie "makes 300 look like a picnic in terms of violence," says Gerard Butler. But there's a cool story going on, which comments on the future and technology and morality, and the fact that our reality-TV culture is constantly asking, "How can we degrade people more?" It's become okay for the human video-game avatars to "shoot the shit out of each other" while the whole world watches. [Collider via SciFiScoop]


Nic Cage says we'll see his character, Big Daddy, in full costume, including cape and "the whole shebang." But his costume isn't the standard superhero outfit. "[It's] not spandex, but more high-tech, military, commando-style apparel." [MTV via Comic Book Resources]

The Book Of Eli:

Here's a much higher res image of a still we've shown you before. [Movies-Spoilers]

Doctor Who:

The BBC actually posted a super-short video of the first day's shooting involving the new Doctor and companion, and you get a sort of panoramic sweep of the beach location, including that crashed rocket. [Sci Fi Wire]
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And thanks to everyone who pointed this out — yes, another batch of new set pics includes our first look at the new sonic screwdriver! W00t! Plus we get a nicer look at that wreckage, which apparently is a ship called the Byzantium. (And sharp-witted fans recall that River Song mentions the crash of the Byzantium when she meets Tennant's Doctor.) Also, what's with the military fatigues all of a sudden? Does she have them on under her huge flouncy dress? And why is the Doctor screaming? More pics at the link. [BlogtorWho]


Some more new set pics, showing Lance Reddick giving an impromptu briefing on the street. More pics at the link. [On Location Vacations]


Episode 4x05 will be called "Hysterical Blindness." We'll avoid making any cheap shots about that being the ailment viewers will wish they suffer from. [Herosite]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.