Matt Smith only just donned his heroic bow tie as the Doctor, and already the first spoilery set photos are materializing. Click through to find out who's turning up in one of the Eleventh Doctor's very first adventures. Major spoilers...

Yes, it's River Song (Alex Kingston), the mysterious archeologist who has apparently met the Doctor many times in her past — and his future. Are we about to see their first meeting, from her perspective? And what's that gadget she's holding? To be honest, I'm not sure how I'll feel following the relationship between the Doctor and River Song, all the while knowing that in the end, he's going to trap her in an insipid virtual afterlife with two weird children.


You'll notice, also, that the TARDIS has been redesigned and sports a somewhat more 1960s look, including the St. John's Ambulance cross. [BlogtorWho and The Sun]