Spend all week buried in Harry Potter fandom? Don't worry, we've got the best of the week for you here: sci-fi's most badass female pilots, an Alaskan bio-goo invasion, the foreboding G.I. Joe movie novelization, sci-fi pinups, and more.

The Most Badass Female Space Pilots Of All Time
Some of the hottest hot-shot pilots in space opera are women. It's a longstanding tradition in science fiction to show women taking the controls of starships, space fighters and star-cruisers, and here are our favorite badass female cockpit jockeys.

Warners Want You To Watch The Watchmen - Yet Again
Excited about the Director's Cut of Watchmen? Don't be... because there's another version of the movie around the corner, and it's the one that fans have been waiting for since day one.

Characters Who Say What The Audience Is Thinking
There's nothing better than a character who can take a step back from the wreckage of a convoluted plot and say what we, the viewers, are already thinking. Here's why we love characters who come out and admit the truth.

Is Superman Really Damaged Goods?
One of the more troubling things to come out of the Siegel/Warners/DC lawsuit decision this week was the feeling that everyone involved in creating Superman stories has already decided that the character is broken. Is Superman's failure a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Say Goodbye To Your Favorite Heroes
Despite the success that they've brought their publisher, it seems as if DC Comics is very eager to celebrate the end of both Superman and Batman, given the care and attention lavished on two hardcover goodbyes to the characters.

Unidentified Biological "Goo," 15 Miles Long, Creeps Down Alaskan Coast
A gigantic smear of gooey, black biological material is making its way through the Chukchi Sea between Wainwright and Barrow in Northern Alaska. Eyewitnesses say it's definitely a living entity, though unlike anything they've seen before. Closeup shot below.

Did Battlestar Galactica Have The Worst Ending In Science Fiction History?
We've all had our problems with Battlestar Galactica's weird solar flare-out of an ending, but was it actually the worst ending in the history of science fiction? That's what Usenet luminary and Electronic Frontier Foundation Chairman Brad Templeton is claiming.

Will G.I. Joe Be The Worst Movie Of The Year?
We're all expecting G.I. Joe to be one of the worst movies of all time - but we were actually overestimating it. Judging from the novelization, G.I. Joe will be a masterpiece of badness, Showgirls meets Plan 9. Spoilers ahead...

First Look At Scarlett Johansson's Spin On Iron Man's Black Widow
The first ever shots of Scarlett Johnansson crawling around in a skin-tight costume for Iron Man 2 have been published. The shots are a little grainy, but they're still enough to energize your fusion reactors. UPDATE: Cleaner pics up.

Enter The Forbidden Galaxy Of Cheesecake Art [NSFW]
Two beautiful adventurers stalk the steam-tunnels of Kraang, armed only with pulse-lasers and wearing their protective fishnet stockings and bustiers. The New York Pin-Up Club turned its lusty eye to science-fiction recently, and we've got some of the loveliest pics.