It's been too long since we've had an update about our autoerotic asphyxiation-happy hero Neil, and his journey inside The Legend of Zelda. But Monday the 27th, Neil is back and we've got an exclusive look inside the new series.

First off, if those are arrow-carrying Moblins, then that's hilarious, because I always thought their spears were more arrow-like. Other great Z references in the gallery include mummies and the life potion — also, I spy a Blue Candle, so hopefully Neil will start burning down the forest and pissing off even more bad guys. The new series premieres in two weeks on Monday the 27th over at Atom. Don't miss it.


If you haven't seen the glory of Neil here's the first episode. It's full of self degrading, foul humor, and you won't be disappointed.

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Look for Neil and friends, including cast members Sandeep Parikh and Tony Janning, at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday at Booth 3445 at 1:40 and on Saturday at 4:30 Felicia Day will join up with the rest of the group for a Rock Band session. And, of course, there will be a panel on Saturday at 7:30 in Room 7AB. Let's hope they bring back Felicia Day as the flashing, cutter fairy. Hopefully her appearance at the Con solidifies her commitment to that wonderful character for future episodes.