Stop. Spoiler time! Lost's mysterious villain talks about his feud with Jacob. Find out how Harry Potter's ending differs from the book. Watch Eureka's sexiest scene ever. Plus new Last Airbender, G-Force, True Blood and Green Lantern: First Flight pics.

Harry Potter:

IGN visited the set of this movie and watched a scene in the Great Hall before a big quidditch match. Ron has just joined the team and is feeling the pressure. Explains Daniel Radcilffe:

It's the point where Ron comes in [to the Great Hall] and he's absolutely terrified; a nervous wreck. To restore his confidence Harry pours - or appears to pour - Felix Felicis [luck potion] into Ron's orange juice.

There's an ad-libbed moment where Ron and Harry high-five, to Hermione's annoyance. Also, Ron's new love interest Lavender Brown gushes "You're going to be brilliant today... I just know it!" Ron is dating Lavender because he finds out Hermione kissed Krum. Also, the movie starts out with Harry at the train station, flirting with a waitress, not at Privet Drive. [IGN]


Also, David Yates explains why he left out the original ending, featuring Dumbledore's funeral:

We had [the funeral] in the script at one point and it was a really strange experience. But after the courtyard scene and Dumbledore's died, it felt like going to the funeral just felt like we were suffering from ending-itis. It felt like another end.


The Last Airbender:

A few new shots show us our first looks at Jackson Rathbone (Sokka) and Nicola Peitz (Katara) in their costumes. Plus new looks at Aang and Zuko. [AceShowbiz]


What's the message of this guinea-pig spy movie? Tracy Morgan explains: "at the end of the day, family is everything." [Newsblaze]

And here are some new promo pics. [IGN]


Here's the sexiest scene from this Friday's new episode of Eureka. Jo Lupo in a red dress, doing a torch singer thing... and then she gets really saucy. [Syfy]


Titus Welliver says his character, the mysterious guy in black who sits opposite Jacob in that crucial scene in the season finale, has a name, and it's significant in some way. The producers withheld the character's name for a reason. And he explains more about the dynamic between Jacob and his character:

Liz Sarnoff, one of the writers on the show, is actually an old colleague from a show that we did with David Milch, Big Apple, and from Deadwood. Her explanation was that Jacob sees man as being a flawed creature, but that there is always hope, whereas my character has a much more cynical but in some ways realistic view of man. She said, "Now extrapolate from that what you will. Are they waxing philosophical? Are they gods?"

Also, the producers told Welliver not to do any Snidely Whiplash-style "hand-wringing," and to understand that "this is kind of a chess game." [TV Guide]


A TV Guide editor visited Oahu and noticed that the wooden set from which the Jughead was dangling is still in place — and usually this show is meticulous about getting rid of sets when they're no longer needed. The show's producers said "No comment" as to why this set is still around. [TV Guide]


We tracked down the actual casting call for that cello player we mentioned the other day:

25-30, Male. Must be a skilled cellist. A sensitive troubador in Central Park has a magical experience when a stranger plays his cello.... this role might not have any lines.

"A stranger plays his cello?" Is that what they're calling it nowadays? [Casting call]

Separately, Lisa Lackey says Matt Parkman's wife Janice could possibly have superpowers of her own — but if so, they haven't manifested, as of the fourth episode of the new season. [TV Guide]


Monique Ganderton, who's served as Cassidy Freeman's stunt double, has been cast as "Alia," the "femme fatale" and assassin with links to Krypton. [Kryptonsite]

True Blood:

Some set photos from episode 10, featuring some mayhem in Bon Temps including a bit of graffiti. [TrueBlood-Online via SpoilerTV]

Green Lantern: First Flight:

She played the animated Black Cat, now Tricia Helfer is voicing female Green Lantern Boodikka. She explains the character:

Boodikka's a fighter, a protector. She is very honorable in that she does what she thinks is right, even if some things go against the grain. She's certainly not an evil character per se, but she does things that she thinks are good for society. She's not really sexy in terms of her personality, so she's not trying to reel Hal in – that relationship is more like comrades. So I wanted to play Boodikka both strong and sweet.

And here are some pics. [Warner Bros.]

Vampire Diaries:

A couple new clips from this eagerly anticipated vampire drama:

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.