Even though we still have our suspicions about the pace at which the much-rumored Star Wars live action TV series is getting made, rumors are popping up saying it may actually be sooner rather than later.

The possible heavy on the Fett series, which has been casting for the Rebel Alliance, is rumored to be in preproduction in Australia, right now.

Sci Fi Wire has the scoop from an Aussie site saying that:

The show is assembling high-quality writers from the Aussie TV industry, including writers from the Love My Way and Secret Life of Us, who have been approached by Lucas' longtime producer Rick McCallum.

So perhaps they may reach their 2010 air-date yet. The Jedi-free series covers what happens between Episode III and Episode IV — which means no Hayden, so it has that going for it. Should be interesting to see if people will have room in their hearts for new Star Wars characters.