This week, discover the delicate dance of nerd mating, and find out what type of bugs are swimming inside your eyeball chewing up your retinas. Clips (and minor spoilers) below.

Spectacular Spider-Man -
It's a Christmas-centric Spidey with Vulture, Sandman and Rhino are all bringing gifts of destruction and mayhem. What do they want in return? The beaten, broken body of high-school Spider-Man. See if they've been good villains this year, on Disney XD at 7:30 PM.

Spidey Promo:


In Outbreak, Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo attempt to stop the spread of a killer virus in NorCal, on AMC at 5 pm.


Nova -
Have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever? (Hey, some of us aren't blessed.) Tonight on NOVA, scientists watch music's effects on four very different people, including one woman with amusia (the inability to process music). Listen in on PBS at 8 PM.

Better Off Ted -

Rejoice, nerd lovers — Phil and Lem are back, and as lovable as ever. This week, Linda has to move into Ted's office, and Lem asks Lucy out on a date. Let the romantic hilarity begin. All new episode on ABC at 9:30 PM.

Better Off Ted Promo:


Adding fuel to the rumor mill fire, there are back-to-back Ghostbusters films tonight on AMC. The original and its sequel begin at 8 PM. Until then, enjoy this radical mash-up of NIN's "The Hand That Feeds" and the theme of the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon.


Monsters Inside Me -
There are things living inside of you, no lie they sneak into your bed and shoot eggs into your ears and crawl in and out of your mouths. In order to make sure NO ONE EVER SLEEPS AGAIN, Monsters Inside Me breaks down bugs living in people minds and in their eyes — and even helpful parasites. Enjoy this delightful show on Animal Planet, at 9 PM.


Star Wars returns! Amid rumors that a new Star Wars tv series may be in the works, Spike is airing Episode II and Episode III beginning at 3 PM and 5:30 PM respectively. Here's the best trailer for the third ep.


Otherwise, Hugh Jackman gets hairy, showing why he got his own spin-off (which arguably began with this film). X-Men: The Last Stand airs on FX at 5:30 PM.


On the channel we're calling the Sci Fi Channel for just a few days more (till July 7, to be precise), there wil be a Twilight Zone marathon from 8 AM until late the 3 PM the next day.


If you're looking for a really bad supernatural film, comparable to Catwoman, Sandra Bullock has a premonition of her husband's death in ... (wait for it) Premonition on TMC at 6 PM.

In other news (better news?), you can return to your roots with Star Wars Episode IV on Spike at 6 PM.


It's just movie mania tonight.


Van Helsing tracks down the Werewolves, Frankenstein and Dracula with a busty Kate Beckinsale by his side in Transylvania on FX at 6 PM. And right after, watch Kate become a vampire in Underworld: Evolution.


If continuing sagas are more your thing, Star Wars Episode V is on Spike at 6 PM.

But if you miss seeing the real Schwarzenegger Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day airs on MTV at 10 PM.


Primeval -
This week on Primeval, insects from the the future threaten the lives of everyone in the U.K., yet again. I'm wondering why no one has ever said: "Why don't we plug up this anomaly thing, since it leads to so many problems?" Dinosaurs are fun, I guess. Primeval is on the BBC America at 8 PM.

Primeval Promo:

Kings -
In the second to last episode of the cut-too-short series, David heads out to uncover new info about his daddy's death. Back on the mainland, the royalty reacts to their son's engagement. Blame NBC for the demise of the show, at 9 PM.


Finishing the story, Star Wars Episode VI should wrap up the week nicely on Spike at 7 PM.


Picking up where the SciFi Channel dropped the ball on the Bond theme-song debate, USA begins a Bond marathon with Dr. No at 9 AM. Throughout the day you can then watch, in order: Thunderball, The World is Not Enough, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Casino Royale. 12+ hours of Bond? What more could you ask for?


UPDATE: You guys are right TB is on vacation! But this is what will be coming out the following week. Many apologies!
True Blood -
The vampires are taking us all on a trip, to Dallas. Sadly old Daddy Bill has to come too and make sure nobody is having any fun, whatsoever. The next episode of True Blood heads to Texas in search of vampire murderers on HBO at 9 PM.


There's an epic comic book movie marathon beginning with the totally-coulda-shoulda-been-better Superman Returns, followed by Fantastic Four, Spider-man 2.1, and X-Men: The Last Stand. After, if you're in the mood for some light fare, Ice Age and Ice Age 2 round out the full day of films. The world needs heroes, on FX, starting at 8 AM.


However, if you crave some pure science fiction films, the soon-to-be-Syfy Channel serves up a day of films beginning with 2007's Alien Agent, I Am Omega (an adaptation of Richard Matheson's "I Am Legend"), Blade Runner and Total Recall starting at 12 PM.

Alien Agent Trailer:

Additional reporting by Caitlin Petrakovitz.