Even the Empire's hard-fighting Stormtroopers need a little leggy encouragement from time to time. Meet the Empire's version of the USO, the ISO: Imperial Service Organization.

The Imperial Service Organization is a social network of volunteers pledging their support to the Stormtroopers, which spends a great deal of time assisting the 501st Legion. This charitable organization of ladies is all about supporting the troops (both in that far-away galaxy, and here and now). They help organize large Stromtrooper events, assist with costume needs (seriously the Trooper costume is a challenging thing when busted), and raising money and putting together care packages for our troops overseas today.


The ISO has even had a shout out in the The Clone Wars webcomic, storyline "Prelude." To read more about the women that give their all for the boys in reflective white check out their feature story at Star Wars.com as well as their myspace page.