Today's spoilers include a last sneak peek at Transformers and a slutty new Gamer photo. Plus Doug Jones talks Frankenstein and Hobbit. All this, plus Harry Potter, Cowboys And Aliens, Frankenstein, Battlestar Galactica, Fringe, Heroes, Virtuality and True Blood. Spoilerati!

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

In the new movie, the Autobots have found a home on Earth, but they're only seen as a "smart tool" and a potential threat. We see them going from a mission to park in a hangar where they sit waiting for their next mission, instead of hanging out and conversing together. And you get a sense that Sam's dad is emotionally scarred, because of the Witwicky family history with transforming robots. [TFormers]


And here's some more concept art, from the movie's opening Shanghai sequence, including Demolishor and two of the girl motorcycles, Arcee and Chromia. [TFG2 via Seibertron]

Optimus Prime has a sword made out of energy, sort of an energon sword, and he wields it like a ninja. And in the final battle, he recites a verse that's sort of based on the old cartoons: "One shall stand, one shall fall/Arise Rodimus Prime" [MTV]

And here are some TV spots I don't think we've shown you before, one of which shows off the whole "Sam goes off to college" storyline.


See a bit more of that weird orange-wigged girl in another still from this living-video-game movie. [IGN]

Cowboys And Aliens:

Co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman say their movie version of this graphic novel keeps the basic story of aliens trying to invade Arizona in the mid-1800s, only to face opposition from cowboys and native Apache, but they get pretty creative with it and add a lot of their own stuff to it. [Sci Fi Wire]


Guillermo del Toro probably won't be directing this movie for another five years, but he's already scheduled Doug Jones for a makeup test to play the monster in the near future. And Jones says the monster's look will be based on Bernie "Swamp Thing" Wrightson's artwork. Also, Jones says he's playing at least one creature in The Hobbit, but he doesn't know which one(s) yet. [Sci Fi Wire]

Harry Potter:

Much like The Hobbit, the final Potter book is being divided into two movies, and there'll be a cliffhanger separating them, says director David Yates. It'll probably happen soon after the scene where the Snatchers capture Harry, Ron and Hermione in the woods. [L.A. Times via Cinemablend]

Battlestar Galactica:

Not sure if this counts as a spoiler... but Edward James Olmos reportedly told a convention that the only reason "The Plan" TV movie was airing on TV was so that the special effects people would be eligible for an award. Apparently the special effects will be wonderful and amazing, and we're in for a treat. He also said the version airing on Syfy would only be 88 minutes, but the version on the DVD would either be 126 or 155 minutes, depending on which version of his remarks you believe. [Battlestar Blog]


The second episode of season two will be called "Night Of Desirable Objects," and it's co-written by showrunner Jeff Pinkner and regular contributor J.H. Wyman. [Fringe Television]


Greg Grunberg explains a bit more about what to expect from Matt Parkman next season. Apparently the guilt of mind-wiping Sylar will continue to prey on his mind. And the interaction with Sylar's brain may have left a "residue," like there's a bit of Sylar left in Matt. And when the Sylar mind-wiping inevitably goes wrong, everybody's going to look to Matt to fix it. [Lots Of Interviews via SpoilerTV]


Suffice to say, Ronald D. Moore has not gotten over his obsession with death by airlock. [E! Online]

True Blood:

This Sunday, Sookie finds out that Eric has been keeping Lafayette in his basement and freaks out about it. In exchange for Lafayette's release, Sookie agrees to that Dallas trip we've been hearing about. And in the June 28 episode, Sookie faces a mythological creature with a bull head, a half-animal, half-human body, gnarly claws and the poison of a komodo dragon. It killed that voodoo lady in the season opener, and it almost kills Sookie, but Eric and Bill help make her as good as new. And Evan Rachel Wood's lesbian vampire queen of Louisiana doesn't show up until the Aug. 30 and Sept. 6 episodes, but she may be back in following seasons. [E! Online]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.