SDCC is just weeks away, and the buzz over who is (and isn't) going to be there is growing. It's not the usual celebs I want to see, however: Instead, it's two particular folks who make media I'm addicted to.

It's a far cry from any normal star-studded event, but SDCC always brings us our own pantheon of SF gods and goddesses every year. For me personally, this includes a handful of stars (Michael C. Hall, David Tennant, Felicia Day) and Creators (Joss Whedon, Alan Ball, J.J. "You-Make-Life-Worth-Living" Abrams) and, above all, the unsung heroes behind-the-scenes like Julie Gardner and Jane Espenson.

The addition of Dr.Who and its naughty little spin-off Torchwood to the SDCC TV panel lineup has already been big news around here lately. While everyone is lining up to see the sexy stars of these two BBC series, I'm going to see the amazing Julie Gardner. Gardner is the executive producer of Who and Torchwood, and helped co-create the latter along with Russell T. Davies. While RTD is leaving the TARDIS for other adventures, Gardner will continue to executive produce the show and help Matt Smith fill David Tennant's Hi-Tops.

Jane Espenson has been a script editor, writer and producer behind Buffy, Dollhouse and Battlestar Galactica. She wrote the antebellum-themed Firefly episode "Shindig", and spends her free time working with Joss on the Buffy comics for Dark Horse. She's scripted the pilot episode to Warehouse 13 and will hopefully turn up on the W13 panel to promote the new show, and maybe to give us some hints as to what to expect from Caprica, which she'll be showrunning with Ronald D. Moore.