I am going to plug into the world wide web to surf down... Disasters!!!

Yeah, it's raining tadpoles in Asia. You gotta take care of that.

STAR WARS ARCHITECTURE: This week we learned how much Star Wars influenced modern architecture, but I wanted to point out a couple of important examples that were left out.

More than meets the London Eye as it were...

And who can forget Bollywood's excitement for the re-releases. They added some much needed improvements to one of their most famous landmarks. R2's head even projects a little film about the building's history!

And did you know that George Washington was not only our founding father but the 2nd biggest Star Wars fan ever? I say second biggest because the biggest fan ever was...

... this guy!!


With Transformers 2 coming out this week I want to take a moment to remember the good old days of terror before we discovered that Transformers would be the finest example of rock em sock em robotry to meet the silver screen. The days of FLAMES ON OPTIMUS?! BEE IS A CAMARO?! And of course... Transformers In Name Only.

Seriously. They have begun scientific testing on Michael Bay and are beginning to prove that awesome is just hardwired into his biology. There is nothing he can do about it. Look at this example. Scientists are hoping they can develop a drug, or at least a therapeutic routine, from these studies that can be administered to individuals who fail to Shut Up and Eat Their Awesome.

The upcoming film Event Horizon 2 changed its title this week and released a new poster showing off some of its assets as it were.

Later kids. This is Garrison Dean signing off.