It's the ultimate weapon of the femme fatale – the kiss of death. We've seen countless vixens ( and a rogue time agent ) use this deadly cosmetology. What were some of the most memorable of these lethal liplocks?

In Ancient Egypt, women used toxic leaded paints and copper pigments to line their eyes and made scarlet lipsticks from a mixture fucus-algin, 0.01% iodine, and some bromine mannite, a combination that could result in serious or fatal illness to both the wearer and her lover. The idea of using killer cosmetics has endured, and given us some very entertaining science fiction scenarios.


In the classic Firefly episode Our Mrs.Reynolds, Saffron seduces Mal with scripture ("good bible") and renders him unconscious with a single kiss. When Inara finds Mal unconscious and kisses him, she is also knocked out by the traces of poison left on the captain's lips. Mal later assumes Inara must have kissed Saffron.


In the Torchwood season 2 premiere "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", Captain John Hart kisses Gwen while wearing "paralyzing lipgloss," which is deadly if you aren't treated for the toxins within two hours, at which point all your major organs shut down. I wonder if it comes in my color?

In a Valentine's Day episode of Smallville Lois Lane uses red kryptonite lipstick which is sold to her by a mysterious gypsy, And which causes her to fall madly in love with Clark. When she kisses Clark he immediately falls victim to red kryptonite, acting like a man who's had one too many Viagra martinis.

Poison Ivy's lip venom is legendary, and runs the gamut from psychotropic serum to instantly killing her unfortunate lovers. Depending on her incarnation (and who's writing for the venomous vixen) she either uses poisonous lip-gloss or is excreting her own natural poison.


What was your favorite use of lethal lipstick?