Project Superpowers may be - in its own, quiet way - the oddest, most subversive superhero comic around... plus, thanks to co-creator Alex Ross' covers, one of the best looking. Here're some examples of Ross' covers to the new series.

For those who missed the first "chapter" of Superpowers, you've already missed the return of many public domain superheroes from the Golden Age, as well as a plot that involves an illuminati-like organization that uses zombies as US soldiers in the Middle East, supervillains becoming terrorist organizations in Europe and the true nature of the atomic bomb as a diversionary tactic revealed. Project Superpowers: Chapter Two, which launched this past Wednesday, looks set to keep the weird level up with a President who (spoiler) just happens to be a supervillain from the future, and the return of all manner of child sidekicks ready to kick their former mentors' asses just to keep them in line. But if you're concerned that all this oddness detracts from old-school superhero action, then take a look at the covers for the first four issues of the series below and tell us if they don't make you feel nostalgic for a past you've never had.

Project Superpowers: Chapter Two #0 is available now in comic stores.