Warner Brothers needs writers for their Teen Wolf remake. They should try the seventh level of Hell, because I can't imagine what kind of evil-doer would attempt to recreate the original's brilliant 80s camp. A POX ON THIS.

Movie Hole is reporting that WB is hunting for writers to reboot Teen Wolf, and they're not sure what direction they're going to take it in yet. I hope it's a dark one, because that's in style now, right?


It's not possible to recreate this type of 80s camp — it is just not. Just go ahead and cast Zack Efron in it and get it over with. News like this is utterly demoralizing. Just make a new werewolf movie — why try and live up to the highs of were-Michael J. Fox?

They already tried to make a Teen Wolf Too, and although I love Jason Bateman, we all know how that went....


Don't get me wrong, I'm all for an insurgence of new were-centric media, but something new please. Maybe they'll hire the Lonely Island writers as they seem to grasp the funny behind the original:

But we all know they won't, and it will reek of yester-comedy, and moulder in the theaters, a giant desecration of the original.