Thank spoilers it's Friday! It's almost your last chance to savor high-res pics of robots and Megan Fox, but the Iron Man 2 tidbits will keep coming. Plus there are pics and tidbits for Heroes, FlashForward, Harry Potter, and Zombieland.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

USA Today was on set for next week's most anticipated movie. They witnessed one scene where Megan Fox is hiding behind a wall, and Joshua Duhamel rushes over and tries to rescue her, and he grabs her hand. And then another scene where a Decepticon knocks over a giant pillar in a temple building, trying to crush Shia and Megan. And there are a couple of photos we may not have shown you before. [USA Today]

And here are seven new pics, which are pretty similar to what we've seen before, except maybe a better look at the Twins, and a new Megan image. [Paramount]

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Iron Man 2:

Olivia Munn, host of Attack Of The Show, will play an unspecified (probably minor) role in this sequel. [Variety]


Abigail Breslin describes this movie:

Zombieland is about the world being overrun by zombies, and four of the only people on Earth who are not zombies join together. It's funny and scary - the zombies in it are pretty scary. It should be fun.

And there may be a cameo by a zombiefied Matthew McConaughey in it. [MTV]

Harry Potter:

A new TV spot for "Half-Blood Prince":

Plus some new posters. [Movies-Spoilers]


Producer Jessika Goyer explains that some episodes of this show will be funny instead of tragic:

The disastrous part of the event, the catastrophic part, only happens in this season. Obviously, we're not going to ignore it. ... But this level of what's happening to people will never be as scary and apocalyptic again. Week to week, what we'll follow is what's going on with these characters.

And here's a possibly new pic. [New York Daily News]


The first episode of the second season isn't called "A New Day," but rather "A New Day In The Old Town." [Fringe Television]


Even more pics of Claire on campus. Now she's learning to cook! Because the show is more grounded. More pics at the link. [SpoilerTV]

Green Lantern: First Flight:

Warner Bros. released a bunch of new images from this direct-to-DVD movie recently, including our first look at Arisia. And Ch'p! OMG Ch'p is in it! Where's Salakk though? [Warner Bros.]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.