Still feeling sad about how weak Deadpool was in the Wolverine movie? You'll feel sadder after perusing the original concept art, from artist Phillip Boutte.

Boutte writes in his blog:

I liked this version of Deadpool and wish it had made it into the movie but it was very early on in development and the character's face had to be seen


He also has early concept art of Sabretooth that looks a bit more bad-ass and less campy than the version we saw in the film.

And separately, concept artist Jerad S. Merantz posted his own concept art for Weapon X (who turned out to be a verison of Deadpool in the movie) plus Beak and the Blob. Again, it's quite a bit more striking and bizarre than what ended up on screen, as is so often the case with concept art.

Here are Boutte's early designs for Deadpool and Sabretooth, plus Merantz's images of Beak and Weapon X. More pics at the links.



[Modus Maleficum and Jerad S. Merantz, via Mania]