Matthew Fox's hints about what happens in Lost season six will turn your brains into froth. There's new District 9 video, New Moon set pics and Last Airbender casting. Plus Moon, Gamer, Fringe, Stargate Universe, Warehouse 13 and True Blood.

District 9:

Here's a better quality version of the trailer we showed you a week or so ago for this alien-internment movie, directed by Neill Blomkamp and produced by Peter Jackson.


Sam is in the last two weeks of a three-year stint on the Moon when he starts cracking up. And after he meets himself, he starts facing up to questions about his mission, the company that employs him, and his life itself. [MSNBC]


You'll think you know where this movie is going, thanks to its similarity to classics like 2001 and Silent Running, but then it'll surprise you. In particular, it's easy to assume that Gerty, the robot voiced by Kevin Spacey, has sinister intentions, but that may not actually be the case. [Associated Press]


John Leguizamo plays Freek, the comic relief in this film about prisoners who are forced to become living video game avatars for the rich to control remotely. "I'm like a Renfield in the Dracula story, that crazy guy who's locked up in an insane asylum. I'm in there; I have all this information, and I'm in the prison. I'm in the game." He sports a kind of "heroin look" to play the character. [Sci Fi Wire]

New Moon:

Here are some new set pics, showing extras in red robes and Bella's fountain in the Italian town. More at the link. [Radar]

The Last Airbender:

Another piece of casting for this M. Night Shyamalan film may assuage critics of the film's original lily-white casting somewhat: Korean-American child actor Isaac Jin Solstein, a black belt in Tang Soo Do and Soo Bahk Do, was cast as "Earthbending boy," which fans are guessing is actually the character of Haru, one of the good guys. [Slashfilm]


Matthew Fox did a Q&A at a movie festival in Monte Carlo, where he gave away some stuff about season six. He says he's been told Jack and Locke will go "head to head" a lot in season six, but he didn't specify whether that was the real, dead Locke or the imposter, who fans are now calling "Darth Locke." The opening scene of the season premiere will explain what happened at the end of season five, and it'll be surprising and confusing at first.


And about a third of the way through the season, he says "both timelines" will be "solidified into linear time," and from that point on, there will be no more flashbacks or flashforwards — just time moving forward on the Island. (And no, I'm not sure what he means by both timelines, either. Could be two divergent timelines, could be a flash-back timeline and the present day.) The ending of the show itself will be beautiful, sad, redemptive, moving and awesome. [The ODI via Lyly Ford]


Remember those casting pages we reviewed, for the show's new tough female FBI agent, Sonia? It sounds like they really do come from her first episode. Or at least, she really will be introduced when she investigates the case of a fellow FBI agent who vanishes into thin air without warning. And there's a hint she may be a new love interest for Peter. [TV Guide]

Stargate Universe:

Some new episode titles. Episode 14, written by a new freelancer, is tentatively called "Lucid," and it focuses on Robert Carlyle's character, Dr. Rush. Episode 15, by former SGA producer Martin Gero, is "Sabotage." And episode 16, by another freelancer, is "Lost." [Gateworld]

Warehouse 13:

This new Syfy show is a mash-up of X-Files, Relic Hunter and Noah Wylie's Librarian TV movies. Two Secret Service agents who don't get along have to team up to track down arcane artifacts. Peter Latimer is a cavalier rule-breaker who may have psychic powers — or at least, he gets "hunches" which he once ignored, to his father's peril. Myka Bering is a straight shooter who likes to make detailed plans and follow protocol, and she's a rising star in the Service. They get recruited by the mysterious — and ageless — Miss Fredric, to go work at Warehouse 13 together, where they encounter crazy artifacts like a car that runs on human energy (which Henry Ford had rejected) and a lamp that may be Aladdin's. Then they get sent off to Iowa to investigate a domestic abuse case involving a college student and his girlfriend that may involve "a crazy relic that makes people crazy." [TV Overmind]

True Blood:

Evan Rachel Wood describes her vampire queen character: "Sophie is half Patrick Bateman, half Paris Hilton. She loves to tell people what to do-like, she could tell Bill to go play Yahtzee or something-but she's not going to sleep with him, because she likes the ladies." [E! Online]

Also, Wood tells Movieline that Sophie is 400 years old and the "vampire queen of Louisiana." Every state has a queen. "She's kind of a cross between Patrick Bateman and Paris Hilton." And Sophie will have a lesbian love interest. And she'll be in at least two episodes. [Movieline]

And here are some cute behind the scenes pics. [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.