Bloggers visited the set of Iron Man 2 and came away with minor spoilers. There are G.I. Joe pics and spoilers from Avatar, Transformers, Astro Boy, Thor and Moon. Plus Sarah Jane set pics, Doctor Who rumors and Green Lantern.


Even more deets about James Cameron's mega-movie, from E3. Apparently the planet of Pandora is a lush but oppressive jungle by day, and by night the entire planet glows with bioluminescence, making it look even more alien. And it's not just the native Na'Vi who want the humans off Pandora — all the plants and animals on the planet are opposed to our presence, and serve as natural allies to the Na'Vi. In the movie, we go into "Avatar mode" (with humans piloting alien-human hybrids remotely) pretty early on. And yes, disabled marine Jake Sully switches sides to help the Na'Vi rise up against the human occupation, and kick off the Avatars and humans in power suits — even though Sully will be wheelchair bound without his avatar. [BBC]

Iron Man 2:

A few L.A. film blogs got to visit the set of this sequel, and they released incredibly vague write-ups. Among other things, Tony Stark's workshop has been modded to include some nifty new gadgets (including the floor somehow). There are old Iron Man suits standing in slots around the workshop, but one space that could hold an extra suit is mysteriously empty. And there's something huge and startling in a nearby set. Scenes included Tony looking at a miniature of the 1974 Stark Expo (sort of like the World's Fair) and interacting with his A.I. servant Jarvis. And yes, the movie is all about the repercussions of Tony's abandonment of his secret identity at the end of the first movie, plus his lingering issues with his daddy Howard Stark (John Slattery from Mad Men). [AICN and Latino Review and IGN]

G.I. Joe:

Here are some new pics from the movie, plus what looks like a display at E3 or someplace. [Slashfilm and IGN]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Maybe these gameplay videos of the movie's tie-in video game give some hints as to the movie's storyline? Video game spoilers! [IGN]

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Astro Boy:

Here's a zingy new poster for this fall's anime adaptation, plus a poster for the long-delayed Gatchaman film. Bigger versions at the link. [IGN]

Spider-Man 4:

Apparently the studio is claiming that poster we showed yesterday was a fake, even though it was displayed at a film expo. [Superhero Hype]

Land Of The Lost:

Last day for spoilers for this film. After Rick Marshall's disastrous Today Show appearance, he starts binge-eating, which he does when depressed. And then Holly finds him and says she has proof his theories are correct, so he drags out his tachyon amplifier, his greatest invention, to search for the dimensional portal. Together with Danny, they find the portal inside the Tunnel of Love at Devil's Canyon. Then they lose the tachyon amplifier and become trapped in the land of the lost. And when Rick and Will partake in that hallucinogenic drink, they have visions of a threesome with Chaka the ape-boy. [Newsarama]

New Moon:

Here's a totally bitchin poster that was included with Twist Magazine. [SpoilerTV-Movies]


Director Kenneth Branagh says he's got a strong idea of how to do this movie, but he's still happily listening to other people and learning from them — and the film will raid from all the best Thor comics, from all eras. That includes the classic early comics, as well as J. Michael Straczynski's run. [MTV]


The other Sam Bell that Sam Bell meets on the Moon is younger, angrier and in better shape than h e is. The two Sams act opposite each other for most of the film. [Sci Fi Wire]

Doctor Who:

This blog post doesn't have any spoilers/rumors we haven't already reported, but the comments do. A random internet commenter (so major grain of salt time) claim that the first episode of the Torchwood miniseries "Children Of Earth" explains the absence of Martha Jones by saying that she's off on her honeymoon with Tom Milligan, the man she was dating before. Also, another random internet commenter points out that "Water Of Mars" is an anagram of "Wars Of Master" or I suppose "Master Of Wars." [Den Of Geek]

Sarah Jane Adventures:

A set report we missed from last week. The show was filming a scene where Sarah Jane is eating at a restaurant with the new man in her life (Nigel Havers). Then the three kids sneak up and spy on her through the window, and they see something which shocks them — then they run away. There also seems to be a bit where Clyde seems to be trying to choke Luke (or do something else, as some forum posters suggested). Or maybe they were just horsing around between takes. Photos by Scooty, EmmaG892 and Thai Footsoldier, all of whom rule. [Doctor Who Forum]


Despite his commitment on V, we will be seeing Alan Tudyk on Dollhouse next season. [Blast Magazine]

True Blood:

The Bill fans will be upset at times and the Eric fans will be upset at times, but it'll be a balance, says Alan Ball. And because this show is ongoing, it means things will change, and then change again. But Bill and Sookie have a rocky future because of their differences — but there's hope as long as they're honest and put their egos aside and are honest. [HBO via Sci Fi Wire]

Green Lantern: First Flight:

Here are a couple of pics of Kilowog (Michael Masden) the tough drill sergeant who whips that poozer Hal Jordan into shape. [Warner Bros.]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.