In the slow-paced, allegedly action-packed movie Blitz, a mid-1980s German schlocker, everybody wants to get their hands on Ralph's experimental "worldcar." And you can see why, in this thrilling scene.

We're never entirely sure what it is that makes worldcar so awesome. Is it the speediness? The fact that it runs on some kind of alternative fuel? The cool music that plays when it goes really fast? The naked women who hurl themselves at it (sorry, that's not in this scene)?

All we know is that Ralph is really grumpy all the time. Also, there are a bunch of people, including some Americans who build spaceships, who want to use Ralph's engine to build things. Some of these people are chasing him, one is naked and has a tiny camera, and many of them are teenage punks squatting in Berlin whose plot arc is only very tenuously connected to Ralph's story but nevertheless inexplicably included in several very long scenes.

The point, I think, is that worldcar is awesome. Right?

Blitz via IMDB