Fall into a coma from sampling the magical world of spores? Never fear we got the best of the week right here. We talk to the producer of TSCC, debate whether the Buffy movie really needs Joss, and keep track of our past futures.

Why Joss And Buffy Don't Need Each Other

A Buffy movie without Joss Whedon? While some may be shouting that it's insane, immoral and just plain wrong, I have to admit: It sounds like a great idea to me. Here's why.

The Real* Reason Terminator Salvation Flopped

Forget about talk about disappointing writing and McG's choppy direction, there's only one reason why Terminator Salvation failed at the box office, and his name is Barack Obama. Don't believe me? I have a chart.

President Obama Welcomes the Cyber State

Today US President Obama announced plans for a "cyberspace strategy" that includes everything from possible offensive cyberwar strategies to education. It also contains a little-discussed "identity management" plan that makes me wonder if Facebook profiles are about to become the new Social Security cards.

When the Future Expires - A Timeline

Putting an expiration date on the future is risky. Take the Terminator franchise: The all-important "Judgment Day" - originally set in the "near future" of 1997...

Sarah Connor's Story Is Really Over, Producer Tells io9

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is really over, and isn't coming back, as far as producer Josh Friedman goes. We asked Friedman about the show's status, but also about its ending and its vision of the future.

What Part Will Summer Glau Play On Dollhouse?

Joss Whedon works fast: now that Summer Glau is no longer busy with Terminator, he's already talking to her about showing up on Dollhouse. But she won't be playing the role you might expect. Possible spoilers.


Is Terminator 4 Really Better Than Terminator 3? A Road Test Comparison
The one piece of praise I've heard from countless Terminator Salvation audience members is, "At least it wasn't as bad as Terminator 3." But was McG's film really better? To find out, we're breaking it down and comparing the two "worst" Terminators to see who wins the crown of crap.

Get Awesomely Wrecked With "Drag Me To Hell"
With slapstick horror flick Drag Me To Hell, Sam "Spider-Man" Raimi returns to the genre that first inspired our love for him. Full of goofy gore, genuine chills, and a plot that plays nicely on our recessionary fears, this is the best summer movie yet.

10 Scariest Eco-Catastrophes from Early Science Fiction
These days, SF thrillers in which natural disasters end human life as we know it are mainstream fare. But long before M. Night Shyamalan and J.G. Ballard flirted with disaster, the authors of SF's Pre-Golden Age (1904-33) speculated wildly, and sometimes presciently, about the possible causes of dire biospheric transformations.

Can Zombies Be Sexy?
Though some publishers of paranormal fiction scoff at the idea that zombies can ever be romantic leads, they obviously don't realize there's a simmering desire for zombie love among readers and movie-goers. We've investigated the zombie love phenomenon, and brought you some startling discoveries.

The Bizarre Collective Consciousness of Slime Mold
This shimmering, metallic structure isn't a new configuration of carbon nanotubes. It's actually a slime mold, which grows on dead plants. Not only does it look alien, but it has a very alien lifecycle. Individual slime mold cells can merge into one giant cell, up to 30 meters across.

Did Fanboy Outcry Cause GI Joe To Become More American?
GI Joe may sound like a fully American operation, but was the movie version of the team an international operation before fans complained? A new report suggests so, much to the US Government's pleasure.