The Romulan mining ship Narada hurtles into a black hole as the valiant U.S.S. Enterprise speeds away at maximum warp, in this new Star Trek concept art from artist James Clyne. He posted tons of amazing art — including a different Starship bridge — and our favorites are below.

Where do I start? I love the different version of the planet Vulcan, with more craggy spires and a redder tinge to it — and you can see the gathering storm clouds in the distance, as if Nero's attack is about to happen. It's great to see a better look at how the Narada was conceptualized, and exactly how it works. And of course, you get a nicer look at Spock's ship, the Jellyfish, under construction. The debris field full of starship wreckage is breathtaking and desolate, and the skydiving sequence looks superb.

I'm not sure if that bridge is supposed to be the Enterprise bridge, or the bridge where Kirk cheats on the Kobayashi Maru. (It says "Iowa Bridge," which makes me think the latter.) In some ways, I wouldn't have minded if the Enterprise bridge had looked like this — it's a bit grittier and dirtier looking than the gleaming version in Abrams' actual movie. But at the same time, it might look a little too similar to Scott Bakula's bridge, in Enterprise. What do you think?


Tons more images at the link. [James Clyne]