It is often difficult to study megafauna, especially when you are so small that pretty much every creature is larger than you are. Nevertheless, a band of brave insectoid-suited scientists is studying this alien planet, and now you can see it through their eyes.

Matt Pettinson is a British illustrator who has created an amazing series of images - a few of which you can see below - which chronicle the weird adventures of a band of tiny astronauts encountering an alien world. I love the drama mixed with goofiness here. There are strange animals, malfunctioning machines, and an escaped plant. Only when danger threatens the planet do our heroes regretfully return their samples to where they found them, and escape.

Pettinson's science fiction-inspired line drawings really ought to be t-shirts. I am especially fond of the image of the blobby tree-dweller with the comment, "We know absolutely nothing about this creature."


You can see more of this saga, as well as other amazing work, on Pettinson's blog.