Get ready to meet you're favorite gang of fast food late night characters in the flesh. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is going live-action, and T-Pain is playing Frylock. Plus Bat-Mite is here to pester Batman with all the fan questions he can muster, and then there's the Reaper finale.


Reaper -
Sam gets his chance to win back his soul from the Devil, but what game will they play? Reaper is on the CW at 8 PM.

Reaper Promo:

Reaper Promo:


Tales From The Darkside marathon on the Syfy Channel form 8 AM until 3:30 PM.

Life After People -
What will happen to the Mona Lisa once we've all left the planet? Or what about the Declaration of Independence, the cable cars in San Francisco and the Liberty Bell? Does it even matter if we're all dead or gone? Answer these important eschatological questions, with Life After People, on the History Channel at 9 PM


Mythbusters -
What happens when you combine thermite and ice? Kaboom. Apparently there's a myth solved somewhere in there as well, but come on — things go boom! New Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel at 9 PM.

Kablam Clip:

How To Make Thermite Clip:


Batman: The Brave and the Bold -
Bat-Mite is channeling the Great Gazoo, floating around and making Batman's life a little more troubling. Especially when he upgrades his gear. But how could the Bat get mad at that face? Check out the clips below. The new episode is on Cartoon Network a 8:30 PM.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Clip:

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Clip:

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Clip:


Primeval -
Correction and UPDATE actual summary: "Cute but surprisingly dangerous burrowing creatures called Diictodons almost cause a disaster at a hospital when an anomaly opens from the Permian era. Calamity is averted by Cutter, Connor, Abby and Becker who, in the course of the story, are obliged to get the creatures back to their own time whilst simultaneously delivering a (human) baby. A dogged journalist, determined to catch one of the creatures and expose the ARC and its secrets to the world, doesn't help the situation. Meanwhile Lester, Jenny and Sarah are confronted with an attack on the ARC, led by Helen and a small army of "Cleaner Replicas". " That's on BBC America at 9 PM.

Primeval Clip:


Aqua Teen Hunger Force -
Tonight is the big live action ATHF premiere. Singer T-Pain (you know the "Buy You A Drank" guy) is playing Frylock (and is also getting his own series next year). Dave Long Jr. (found in an open audition) is Carl (that's a big wife beater to fill) and Jon Benjamin will be Master Shake. Check it out, on Cartoon Network at 11:45 PM. .

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