I refuse to believe that giant robots in any way shape or form can be a disaster.

Well I guess it's true, the franchise really is on its last legs.


Well I'm sure that for those of you in the antiseptic world known as Canada the new V will seem frighteningly real and terrifying. For the rest of us, well, they canceled Sarah Connor so an hour was just freed up for the week.


A show where people see the future. Some people see days of terror, some see sad days, while some see... happy days.

New Blu-Ray editions of the Star Trek films came out this week with some new special features showing that they were really trying to break some new ground on the first film by working with some different artists and concepts... it didn't fly.

Well, a very very big mystery was solved this week. The Mystery of "what the living hell is that exactly?" in the io9 logo.

Now I say this as someone who is a big fan of the original series so take that as you may, but...

Have a good holiday everyone. I need it.

Garrison Dean's real name is not Garrison Dean.