This rocket ship thrums with a translucent glow as it slips into hyperspace in preparation for the long transgalactic voyage. Okay, actually, it's just a toy ship which artist Satre Stuelke has run through a CT scanner. Want to see more of his CT-scanner art?

Stuelke, a former radiology medical student turned art professor, decided to start running everyday objects through the scanner to discover their hidden structures, he telsl the London Free Press:

Donated time on the scanner lets Stuelke produce hundreds of image slices of an object — cutting deeper and deeper into its guts — with a computer program that allows him to create 3-D-like depth effects using different colours...

His first CT scan — because it works better than an MRI — was of a TV dinner.

Stuelke wants people to think about the complex construction of items we may casually handle each day.

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