The tail end of the Terminator Salvation spoilers is our signal to start spoiling later movies - like Transformers 2, Surrogates, Green Lantern and New Moon. But there's also television spoilers: the Fringe and Chuck producers explain what's ahead for both shows.

Terminator Salvation:

The film includes four separate sequences featuring characters out in a heavy rain, with fires burning around them, in a drama-inducing technique known as "fire and rain." When we first meet Moon Bloodgood's pilot character, she takes off her helmet to reveal three feet of flowing black hair, in a slow-mo sequence. []


John Connor doesn't really have a defining moment in the film, and doesn't actually prove himself worthy to be leader of the Resistance. He starts the film as an angry guy who wants to lead the Resistance, and ends it the same way. [Hitfix]

McG says there's a moment that explains how Kyle Reese learns to put a strap on his shotgun so you can't take it away from him easily. And a moment where Marcus teaches Kyle that pain can be controlled. [Cinematical]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Michael Bay posted a new image of new Transformer Sideways... who looks sorta like a giant robot. [Michael Bay via IESB]


Someone saw an early screening of this Blade Runner-esque film, and provided a review: In the future, people don't leave their homes - instead, they interact with the outside world through surrogates, better looking versions of themselves. Greer (Bruce Willis) is a detective whose surrogate looks 20 years younger than he does, and he uses it to investigate the murder of other surrogates. But then the unthinkable happens: someone kills a surrogate, and manages to liquefy the brain of the human operating it. And the victim is apparently someone close to the inventor of the surrogates (James Cromwell). Willis and his partner (Radha Mitchell) have to go investigate. The surrogates have amazing abilities and can leap and do stunts, not unlike Neo in the Matrix. During a huge chase scene, Greer's surrogate gets fried. So he has to go out in person for the first time in forever. Greer is looking for the BD gun, a weapon which fries surrogates and their operators. Clues are laid out early on as to the identity of the villain. Meanwhile, Greer is married to a woman (Rosamind Pike) who never unplugs from her surrogate and makes a living as a surrogate stylist - but their marriage is on the rocks, and he desperately tries to salvage it. And Ving Rhames plays The Prophet, leader of an anti-surrogate movement. [Latino Review]

Green Lantern:

Sol Romero, wife of director Martin Campbell, believes she'll have a role in this movie. And it sounds like Hal Jordan's daddy issues, which cause him to try and outdo his father and become a jet pilot, will loom large in the movie version. [Sci Fi Wire]

New Moon:

A few new plot details about the second Twilight movie. Apparently it'll differ quite a bit from the book version in a few particulars. Bella will take more of a "daredevil approach," tempting fate in order to force the absent Edward to appear. And instead of being a disembodied voice, when Edward does appear to Bella, he'll be a visible presence, like Obi-Wan. (Robert Pattinson says he'd rather just be a voice, so it has more impact when he shows up at the end.) And there's an action scene where Laurent fights back against the werewolves who destroy him in the book. Finally, in the book, Edward tells Bella he'll turn her into a vampire only if they get married. But in the movie, he issues a different ultimatum. [Perez Hilton]


So how does the shock ending of season one lead into season two? Roberto Orci explains:

You have a gigantic clue to what has been a potential organizing principle or source of the Pattern and what these weird events are. In some way, two worlds are colliding, so that sets up the potential for a wonderful exploration of how these things interact, who William Bell is, is he good or bad, and is Nina [Blair Brown] friend or foe? You are going to see the Fringe division come under more intense scrutiny and therefore have to operate more clandestinely. You are going to see Peter become more engaged as he discovers some of the things the audience has found out.

Also, we'll be dealing with what Walter did to Olivia "geologically... in the near future," says Alex Kurtzman. (No, I have no clue what that means either.) And Walter will slowly regain his memory, with setbacks. Also, the Observer's role will be explored more, without giving everything away. [Sci Fi Wire]

Also, here's a new casting call. Could this be Charlie's replacement?


[SpoilerTV ]


So how exactly will the budget cuts affect this show's format? Some episodes, Chuck's mission may be such that we don't get to visit the Buy More at all, says producer Josh Schwartz. But Anna (Julia Ling) will definitely be back, and so hopefully will the rest of the ensemble cast. The good news is, Chuck, Sarah and Casey will still appear in every episode. Schwartz hasn't yet worked out the details of the Subway product placement (which he calls the "Subway integration") but it will be significant, and may be something like Sarah working at a Subway. The new season will definitely deal with the ramifications of the end of season two, but fear not - Chuck will still be an Everyman/accidental hero. And Chuck having the Intersect in his head will definitely complicate the Chuck/Sarah relationship. [EW]


We may already have mentioned this, but the show is seeking a 12-15 year old Japanese boy to play Young Hiro. (So Hiro's time travel will once again involve meeting himself as a child. Oh yay.) [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.