This image comes from a 1978 issue of futurist magazine OMNI, to illustrate an article on robots. In this picture, and several others below, you can see the cyberpunk look of the 1980s slowly erasing the more surreal, hallucinatory scifi styles of the 1960s and 70s. (One image possibly NSFW.)

This guy here is especially great, looking sort of like something from Tron crossed with 2001 or maybe just an Atari graphics card. This image was also used to illustrate the robots article.

OMNI magazine, which lasted from the 1970s through the 1990s, combined articles on futurism, science, science fiction, and sheer speculative weirdness. It was created by Kathy Keeton, a former stripper who became obsessed with science and futurism. With her husband Bob Guccione's help, she founded OMNI, and later wrote a book called Woman of Tomorrow, all about the future of femininity in a high tech world. In that book, she predicted (quite accurately) that telecommuting would make it easier for women to work and raise kids at the same time. These images from OMNI, above, are two different ideas about the future of women. One is experimenting with her brain, and the other is a robot.


Eric Carl has scanned in these images from OMNI on Flickr over the past couple of months. It's an amazing look at the early days of futurism, and even includes some ads from the magazine that look very disco computer.

Now that I've seen this robo-pinup below, from 1978, I think I know where Burning Man came from. Oh OMNI magazine, you really did give us everything.


More OMNI goodness via Eric Carl's photostream.