Did you think that artificial heart in Crank 2 was fake? Think again. It's just one of many cyborg technologies in production right now.

Abiocor makes this total artificial heart, shown off to an alarming extent in Crank 2. Want to buy one for your collection, or to stick in your chest when gangsters steal your ticker? They're right here.

Today OObject has a great collection of cyborg technologies, and these are just a few of them. Here you can see the way researchers are building cybernetic muscles for robots that work via pneumatics. Put two of these pneumatic bags inside a leg and they control its actuators by stretching (expelling air) or contracting (filling with air). They function very much like real muscles and are strong as well as shock-absorbing. Learn more about your future muscle replacements here.


You can also keep on puffing down those cigarettes because we've got this nice artificial lung to pop into your chest when the inferior biological version has been topped off with sludge. How would it work? Find out more here.

And of course if you lose the use of your ears, you can always implant new ones. These cochlear implants, which are becoming more common all the time, are embedded in your skull and connect directly to the neurocircuitry of your inner ear. You can find an amazing book about a man who had a cochlear implant installed here.


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