Spike Jonze is finishing his movie adaptation of dark kids' classic Where the Wild Things Are. We've found a cache of Wild Things-inspired art that we wish would find its way into his flick.

These images are curated by illustrator Cory Godbey, who has created a stunning tribute blog called "Terrible Yellow Eyes," that celebrates art inspired by Maurice Sendak's original Wild Things book. All this art is brand-new, so it couldn't actually be concept art for the Jonze movie. But we can dream, can't we?

The art is by Godbey and other artists he's invited to participate. All of it captures the kind of spooky-cute feeling that so many of us loved when we read the book as kids. Sadly it looks like the Where the Wild Things Are moviemay have all its monstery goodness cut out after preview screenings left kids in tears. Until the movie arrives in October and shatters your moody dreams, check out more work on Terrible Yellow Eyes - it will be updated often over the next couple of months. (via The Art Department)