Well, ROACH has definitely not been a disaster, more on that below. But for now! It's Disaster Time.


Not sure exactly what these are but I think they must tie in with the new "reboot" from Bryan Singer. Guy doesn't know when to leave well enough alone huh?

Everyone wants to know who they'll battle next. How about the most dangerous, deplorable, and despicable race in the universe? The Kardashians.


... is the least of these guys problems.


So I was going to do a goofy, Devlin Emmerich style poster to mock the new trailer that was coming out, but as I began to put pieces together I kind of liked what I was doing so I took it kind of straight. Nothing silly here I just kind of like it and I'll bet dollars to doughnuts it's better than what they come up with.

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus?! Poor Debbie Gibson. Poor poor Golden Gate Bridge, they just put you back together after Magneto. Guess What...


Well, I have to say guys, I'm very proud of you. I'm not going to turn the Disaster column into a ROACH forum, but for this week I am going to make an exception. Plenty of you have joined up, and I'm going to do my best to have The Potentate respond to as many of you as he can.
But, you guys are awesome and are taking this as seriously as I am, I expect the death ray will be done in no time! Before long I will begin putting up the profiles of the super villains on the site. Because the response has been so great, I have decided broaden the scope (and lessen my work) by starting a Blog and believe it or not a Facebook Group. So find ROACH wherever to keep posted on all our goings on!

As for shirts, hopefully what was initially going to be a 4-6 week wait will be shorter than that thanks to the response. I also want to say that I will definitely get these done in time for Comic-Con so any of you going down there can spot fellow ROACHes from a mile away. The Potentate also told me to tell you that for the more "powerful" of you out there he has added 2XL and 3XL sizes. Check out the Blog, or the Facebook page for more info as it comes. And if this does well enough The Potentate definitely wants to make shirts for the various departments, especially for TICK.

But for now... go get one! They'll be nice, trust me.

Spread the word... ROACH is here!

You nerds are alright. Until next week...

Garrison Dean's real name is not The Potentate