For Marvel's incredible Hulk, "smashing" isn't just a hobby; it's a family business. That idea takes center stage in next week's Planet Skaar Prologue, in which Hulk's son comes to visit Daddy. Yes, fighting ensues.

Taking back the reins of Hulk from former Heroes' producer Jeph Loeb (Although, don't worry, he's going to continue telling stories about Rulk), Planet Skaar sees io9 favorite Greg Pak return to writing Bruce Banner in time to finish a trilogy that started with 2006's Planet Hulk and continued with the following year's World War Hulk. After accidentally sending the Hulk into a life as an intergalactic gladiator on an alien planet - and then dealing with his wrath when he returned to Earth - Reed Richards has discovered that the Hulk has a son. Only problem being, he hasn't realized that said son has now come to Earth for a family reunion that's centering more on the "I will kill you for being born" variety.

The storyline begins in Planet Skaar Prologue, available on Wednesday, and continues in the next couple of issues of Skaar, Son Of Hulk.

Planet Skaar Prologue #1 Preview [Comic Book Resources]