Today's spoilers include Sam Worthington talking Terminator 5, plus a hint about Sam Rockwell's role in Iron Man 2. Plus, ultra-demented Doctor Who villain rumors! Juliet's fate on Lost! Stargate Universe video! Green Lantern pics!

Terminator Salvation:

In the post-apocalyptic future, John Connor is viewed as both a prophet and a nuisance by the Resistance leaders. Dr. Serena Korgan (Helena Bonham Carter) actually works with Connor and helps him find a way to stop the machines. (She does?) But that all changes when his colleague Blair (Moon Bloodgood) finds Marcus Wright. Connor's change of heart towards the end of the movie (choosing to trust Marcus, I guess) feels kind of random. The movie's "final surprise villain" (Korgan again?) doesn't have much impact. But the "guerilla" camerawork is stunning, including great, sweeping long shots as our heroes duck and weave through debris and robots to reach a destination. [College Times]


Also, Sam Worthington doesn't sound very optimistic that Marcus Wright could come back in Terminator 5. He says anything's possible with time travel, but he's not signed on for another movie. [Sci Fi Wire]

John Connor has a big fight with a T-800. Also, Connor and Wright only have three scenes together, but they're intense, like two runaway freight trains colliding. Whoom! And here are a few new pics. (What is McG doing to poor Moon Bloodgood?) [Entertainment Weekly]

And here's a TV spot:

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Here's a TV spot, which I don't think we've shown you before.

Iron Man 2:

The cyborg superhero sequel was filming a scene at Edwards Airforce Base, and according to one source it involved Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) and a new combat drone he's testing out. (Because, I guess, Hammer is moving into the military hardware game now that Tony Stark has bailed out?) [Corona Coming Attractions]

Doctor Who:

We haven't had any batshit crazy Doctor Who rumors in a while, so here goes. Timothy Dalton, easily one of the half dozen best James Bonds, is set to star in one of David Tennant's final episodes as a villain. (And there was a rumor among fans a while back that Dalton would be playing the Master opposite new Doctor Matt Smith.) This is according to the Sun, easily one of the twenty or thirty most credible tabloids in England. [The Sun]


Not enough crazy rumors for you? Then how about this? The villains in Tennant's final two-parter will include the Sontarans, but also the Tractators - yes, the gravity-causing, human-mutilating villains last (and only) seen in 1984's "Frontios." Also, there's a rumor that the Master will be back, because the version of him that we saw die was actually a half-human clone, not unlike the half-human copy of the Doctor who got dumped in an alternate universe with Rose. Remember, you read it on the Internet, so it must be true. [Doctor Who Forum]


So Elizabeth Mitchell will definitely be appearing in season six, but does that mean Juliet somehow survived? We'll have to wait nine months to find out... [E! Online]

Stargate Universe:

Web fan show The Jace Hall Show visited the set of this new TV series, and here's the result. Sorry about the annoying ad. [Gateworld]
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Green Lantern: First Flight:

Director Lauren Montgomery says the new direct-to-DVD animated film won't focus too much on Hal's origin, because New Frontier already dealt with that. So it'll just be a brief scene at the start of the movie, and then we'll see Hal going off on his first adventure. And here are a bunch of pics from the DVD, including Sinestro (voiced by Sidney Bristow's dad, Victor Garber!). [Warner Bros.]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.