What if the Nazis had a secret Arctic base that launched a team of astro-nazis to the dark side of the moon? And then they waited until 2018 to strike? New video from Iron Cross.

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From the people who brought you the weird Star Trek parody Star Wreck, Iron Sky imagines what happens if the Nazis landed, and prospered, on the Moon. It's written by Johanna Sinisalo, who won a Tiptree Award and the Finlandia Prize for Literature, for her novel Troll and has been nominated for a Nebula for her novella "Baby Doll." Here's the synopsis:

Towards the end of World War II the staff of SS officer Hans Kammler made a significant breakthrough in anti-gravity. From a secret base built in the Antarctic, the first Nazi spaceships were launched in late ‘45 to found the military base Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun) on the dark side of the Moon. This base was to build a powerful invasion fleet and return to take over the Earth once the time was right. Now it's 2018, the Nazi invasion is on its way and the world is goose-stepping towards its doom.

And the film just announced more of its cast members, including the "legendary Udo Kier":

German actor Götz Otto will step in the boots of the intelligence officer Klaus Adler, a fanatic Moon Nazi devoted on invading the Earth. Otto has previously appeared in numerous feature films and tv-series, including attempting to kill James Bond as Mr. Stamper in the film Tomorrow Never Dies...

The other two new cast members attached to Iron Sky are also from Germany.
Veteran actor Tilo Prückner (The Neverending Story) will design the wunderwaffe of the Fourth Reich as the Nazi scientist Doktor Richter.

The legendary Udo Kier (Dogville, Blade, Shadow of the Vampire) will appear as the Nazi Moon base commander Wolfgang Höss.

Earlier German actress Julia Dietze (1½ Ritter) joined the cast as Moon Nazi officer Renate Richter.

Here's The Teaser As Well: