Usually when people hear the word "reshoot," it's not a good thing. But the screenwriters of robot-avatar film Surrogates reassured us that recent robo-reshoots were done for the purest reason: more carnage. Plus trailer screengrabs.

The Easter weekend Surrogates reshoots had everybody in a tizzy. Was this another Hitch or Wolverine fiasco? Are we still tweaking the script? At the Terminator Salvation junket, I got a quick update from the screenwriters John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris on the status of Surrogates.


After joking about being type cast after putting out two robot movies in one year Michael Ferris explained the last he'd heard or seen about the shiny Avatars. "The last cut I saw, which was a while ago, it was looking really good. I know they were doing a little bit of reshoots. Yeah, they beefed up the action a little bit."

This seems to jibe with the pictures that were taken on at the reshoot site. Almost all the scenes used Bruce Willis' stunt double, so hopefully this means better car chase scenes, and not a quick alternate ending hastily tacked on at the last minute, as reshoots so often do.

We also grabbed a few stills from the recently released Surrogates clip, please do enjoy the army of no eyed bots: