Marvel Comics have released a teaser for next month's landmark 600th issue of Captain America, which suggests that the new Captain may have to learn the complexities of the multiverse to deal with his sidekick.

No other information was released to accompany the ad, but the character in the image looks very like Rikki Barnes, Cap's female sidekick from Marvel's 1990s parallel world reboot of the Avengers and Fantastic Four franchises, last seen in 2006's Onslaught Reborn series arriving on "regular" Marvel Earth... making her a Girl Without A World, just like the teaser announces.


Parallel Earths and alternate realities aren't the usual kind of fare from the current Captain America series, which has skewed much closer to realistic spy fodder, but 600th issues do tend to bring out the crazy ideas in characters...

Captain America #600 is released on June 17th.