My apologies if this week is a bit lacking, but that death ray won't build itself. And I'm very happy to see all of you sporting the R.O.A.C.H. Disaster!

Astute readers may have seen a couple of these, but that doesn't mean they weren't done with love, and for you.


I'll preface this by saying that I love Star Tours, and think that the fact that it is dated only adds to its charm. Unfortunately, the people at Disney don't agree, wanting to add *GASP* Prequel Characters! Seriously?! Have they been in there? It's so steeped in the classic design of the original trilogy that any new characters will stick out like sore thumbs. Not like that stopped Lucas in the past. Admiral Ackbar, what say you?

Sometimes you don't need a reason to play with Photoshop and pop culture references. And if you are keeping track at home this is the 2nd time I've mashed together Terminator and Wild Things. That means either one is too goofy, or one is waaaay too dark.


Joss Whedon's greatest work ever, CJA, I couldn't agree with you more? (To be read like Ron Burgundy. Some of you will know what that means.)

The Iron Man 2 publicity train isn't rolling yet, but it has pulled into the station.


So, let's say someone on the site puts forth an absolutely ludicrous opinion. It happens hourly on the comment threads, though never happens from the staff (cough*dollhousecough*cjacough).


Now, you could be a dick about it and say something like "GarrisonDean, with your head so far up your ass, you must need a glass stomach so you can see where you're going." but that would get you Dsmvwld. So, as you have been doing so majestically with the TROLL! image, just post this little lady I call "Tiny Dr. No" to get your point across. It works wonders and has been proven to scare people from ever voicing their opinion again.

(As a side note, I pulled this image off of Google image search, so let that be a lesson to those posting images of children, they'll probably get misused. And to the parents of Tiny Dr. No... Congratulations, It's a Meme.)

The time is drawing nigh. Join us, or perish.

We do offer 3 weeks of vacation and match your 401k.

Oh and let's try to clear up this whole Consortium of Evil nonsense. And by clear up I mean absorb them or destroy them.

That's right. I'm flipping the script this week cause the teens of America scare me.

This has been GarrisonDean... ROACH forever!