John Gaeta, who is responsible for creating "bullet time" for the Matrix Trilogy, is working on a new eye-burning project that will revolutionize special effects again. BoingBoing's Xeni Jardin interviewed him about Ninja Assassin.

One of the most interesting aspects of their conversation comes when Jardin talks to Gaeta about what he calls "hybrid entertainment," or a complete merger between film and videogame artistry. Gaeta says:

I'm curious about possible destinations where there's crossover with regard to simulation cinema, "sim cinema," ways of creating elaborate trapdoors and portals between different mediums. Also, over the years, there are strange subgroups from the visual world like Douglas Trumbull — I used to work for him many years ago — their passion went beyond cinema to immersive content. Virtual reality, perhaps games, are a step toward that — so are other methods of surrounding people with an experience. There are a lot of interesting progressions going on with immersive cinema, immersive entertainment, hybridizing the two.

via BoingBoing (Thanks, Xeni!)