Eagerly awaiting the next Harry Potter movie, but wanting something with a bit more depth and reality-bending? Then DC Comics' new series The Unwritten may be just what you're looking for.

The new monthly series, debuting this week with a specially-priced $1 launch issue, follows Tommy Taylor, real-life inspiration of a series of popular kids' books about a boy wizard realizing his own destiny with the help of his trusted friends... but while the Potter similarities are overt, the real story of The Unwritten is something much more complex than any of JK Rowling's uber-successful novels, asking whether Taylor really is the inspiration for the character or, whether it's the other way around.

Ignore the Da Vinci Code reference from the official solicitation for the debut issue; this series' conspiracy is much more interesting, and less likely to feature Tom Hanks in a movie version.

The Unwritten #1 is released on Wednesday.