The LA Times has a Teen Movie Squad, a group of representative teens they use to test out summer trailers. Sadly, the one film marketed almost specifically for them did not thrill the teen palate.

The kids all sat down and voiced their opinions about the Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen trailer. While it's hard to believe that the target demographic doesn't cotton to the Transforming robots Hollywood spent a lot of money on for them, I do feel as if a few of them are missing the point.

Ben Sassoon, 17: "I can't say this got my hopes up. It's just a lot of explosions."

Jasmine Jafari, 15: "I wasn't sure I even knew what the movie was about until halfway through the trailer, and I probably know more than most people, since I have a little brother who's into Transformers. I think he'd be a lot more interested in the movie than me. It just felt pretty senseless."

Hmmm...did they not see that Megan Fox on the motorcycle in the denim underwear/shorts? I'm straight and even I turn into a 15-year-old boy around the likes of her. One of them kind of gets it:

Ben: "This reminds me of why I'm not a big fan of Michael Bay. He keeps making the same movie, over and over again, as if he hopes someday he'll get it right."

No, Ben this is why you love Michael Bay, because it doesn't matter how drunk you get before or during, you don't need to pay attention. It all ends up in a sparkly pretty explosion followed by one cleavage shot from the leading lady. I'll buy you the booze and leave it in the garage, so mom doesn't see, it'll be like watching it with fresh, hazy eyes. Just enjoy the shiny exploding robots for what they are - kids these days.

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