There are plenty of fantastic and necessary collectors items related to this summer's movies that you must buy. But there are also some items that should be smashed, set on fire, buried and forgotten.

Mutant Enterprise Crew:

First meet the no-neck Enterprise crew from the Burger King kid's meal. Who are these people? Bones and Kirk could be anyone! Why are they all shruken deformed versions of themselves? It makes me uncomfortable. Okay, the tiny ships are cute, but not the people.

Terminator Slurpees:

This is just wrong. How are we going to educate the children of tomorrow if we keep making Skynet's creations look like playful creatures that bring you iced treats? Shame on you, 7-11. Think of the children!

Dragonball Action Figures:

I really can't even begin to tell you how awful these action figures are, forget that they're poorly made, they're not even complete. Terrible, absolutely terrible. Rob Bricken, from Topless Robot, has a beautiful review of the action figures over at Anime News Network. It's worth the read.

Fancy Twilight Action Figure:

I'll admit it, I'm torn on hating these Twilight action figures because the ridiculous attention to detail. Edward even has on the oddly fitting jacket and glasses to shield him from the sun that won't kill him. Plus they even hold hands with the same enthusiasm Bella had in he movie. Oh, they're $30? Forget it then. Thanks for he tip Newsarama.