The faces of Neill Blomkamp's illegal aliens have been revealed — and their speech translated. Get a better look a the aliens from District 9 in a new, unblurred trailer.

Here are a few screengrabs from the new trailer. I'm pretty shocked by how much emotion is being expressed on that bug-like alien face. It's heartbreaking.

First Showing has the summer movie report from the current Rolling Stone which exposes a little bit of MNU violence. For those of you who are not aware, MNU (Multi-National United) is the team of police sent to govern over D9, and they appear ready to use force when necessary.

In the article, director Neill Blomkamp reveals a little bit more about his downtrodden aliens:

These aliens arrived 20 years ago in a dead, derelict mothership, which hovers above Johannesburg. It's enormous, like the size of 10 football fields. The aliens have ended up in a Soweto-style township beneath the ship. It's clear that they're not really integrating into society. They like to scavenge things, rip up train tracks. So the authorities shift them 200 miles away, into the African belt. They've built a concentration camp." Obviously, the concentration camp is known as ‘District 9′

D9 will be released on August 14.

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