We took the new Star Trek scents out for a spin, and let io9 readers comment on whether or not Red Shirt, Pon Farr and Tiberius would make them break their Vulcan mating cycles.

First off, thanks so much to everyone who came out for NYC's io9 meet up. It was a blast. Second, you people have terrible handwriting, your grade school teacher would be ashamed. It took me days to decipher some of these scribbled notes on the Trek perfumes.

Anyway, on to the smell tests.

Red Shirt (For Him):

"Because tomorrow may never come."

Smells like the death of 1,000 bugs. -Lassus

It's......radi........ation - Charlie Jane

Smells like a lady lady - Matt

More manly than Kirk - Soup?

Smells like axe for nerds.

Because it shares the same bottle as old spice. (I don't know what this means either)


They smell like my college's math department on a special occasion, such as Pi day. - Liz Weinbloom

Pon Farr (For Her):

"Drive Him Crazy"

Smells like Vulcans were driven mad every 7 years by cheap medicine perfume knockoffs? -Lassus


Pon Farr - The smell of sweaty Vulcan in heat, after bathing in cheap cologne, WTF? - Annalee

Pon Farr smells like the bathroom soap at middle school.

Pon Farr smells like what I use to clean off my counter top.

My hands smell like space-whore. (I think this one was for Pon Farr).

Although it brought me to the city on the edge of forever, it still smells like CK1. -Mcs212

Smells like a dragon fart - Annalee

Lilacs bought at Target.

Tiberius (For Him):

"Boldly Go"

I will boldly go where many may have smelled and give Tiberius my vote for best.

The smell of victory...not - Annalee

This smells like my high school prom - Josh B.

It smells like a manly lady. - Matt

A bit too floral for Kirk - Soup

The tears of Elaan of Troilus have poisoned the captain! We've got to risk implosion! All I ask is a tall ship... - Charlie Jane

Not so manly... it's too floral

Something from Yankee Candle

These. Are. Awful.

For more information on the collective smells, and where to purchase the, check out Genki.