Milo Ventimiglia is letting each genre loving maniac have his day. Pitting fan against fan, Ventimiglia's webseries tries to answer the question: "Who would win in a fight, Han Solo or Indiana Jones?"

The new scripted webseries, titled Ultradome, hopes to settle your burning genre battle questions once and for all, in hypothetical special effects showdowns.

My whole life has been spent engaged with friends in intellectual debate ... like whether Captain Kirk is tougher than Spock, or if Middle Earth is a more difficult place to live than Tatooine," Ventimiglia said. "With 'Ultradome,' we can bring these debates to the public and settle them in the most logical way possible: through armed combat."

Ventimiglia's DiVide Pictures and Agility Studios are producing these 3 to 5 minute throwdowns with plans to release the series this summer (once it finds a home).

Good luck and good fighting. And remember, no shoes or shirts, Dumbledore.