Hella spoilers! Zoe Saldana reveals Kirk's biggest mistake in the new Star Trek. A Transformers source explains how Megatron gets his groove back. Plus Land Of The Lost, Lost, Fringe and Smallville. OMG spoilers!

Star Trek:

This week's Entertainment Weekly has a few minor spoilers for the new movie. In the scene where the Enterprise is launched on its maiden voyage, we see a splash of light across Captain Pike's face when he first sits in the chair - that's an homage to the original series, which often splashed Kirk's face with light during moments of drama. That's also the scene where Chekov can't get the computer to understand his accent, and Sulu forgets to disengage the Enterprise's "parking brake." Also, the Tribble you've heard about pops up during one of the first scenes with Scotty (and maybe that Vulcan moon's cold atmosphere is why the Tribble isn't reproducing?) [EW]

Also, Zoe Saldana talks Uhura's romance with Spock:

They have the most similar characteristics. I almost feel like she had this admiration for Spock because he was older and sort of like a teacher, and there was this crush or platonic infatuation with someone who's wiser, wittier, handsome - and had pointy ears. Why not?

Kirk, meanwhile, ruins his chances with Uhura, when she walks in on him in bed with her roommate. Oh noes! The very last scene of the movie includes Uhura locking lips with Spock, leaving the sexy space love triangle up in the air. [The Sun]


We get Nero's backstory in a quick flashback. And there's a pivotal confrontation between Nero and Old Spock that takes place entirely off camera. [Cinemablend]

And here's a new TV spot, which includes Kirk playing with a salt shaker in the shape of his dad's old ship, the U.S.S. Kelvin. [TrekMovie]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

A source who was at Showest, and saw some private footage, dropped some major spoilers. Soundwave is a satellite in orbit, and he scans Earth vehicles. So as the Decepticons descend towards Earth he gives them their Earth-vehicle "alt modes" on the way down. The Decepticons repair Megatron by using Cybertronian metal tank treads, plus a particle cannon that Soundwave gives him. One or two Decepticons give up their "sparks" to revive Megatron and Blackout, who's third in command besides Starscream. (Both Blackout, a helicopter, and Megatron emerge with some rust.) The humans thought the Decepticons couldn't function under so much water pressure, but they were wrong.


Meanwhile, the robots you see crashing into the aircraft carrier are Constructicons. The yellow robot is Barrage. Mixmaster and Megatron can fly a little bit, but not much. At one point, Long Haul stomps on Jazz's corpse under water, underscoring that Jazz won't be back. A few other jets fly with Starscream, and provide information. Also, more confirmation that Alice, the Desexycon, may actually be Ravage, who was sent to kill Sam but decides to pump him for information after she learns he has some knowledge of the Fallen. After she reveals her true tentacley nastiness, Barricade shows up to help. (A source from Dreamworks says Alice isn't Ravage, but hints she may be another Desexycon instead.) There's lots more at the link, including wrangling between the Dreamworks source and the other source. It's all anonymous, and therefore should be taken with several grains of salt anyway. [TLAMB]

The Fallen has a deeper connection to Earth than anyone realizes. And he blames humanity for his fall, and he wants... wait for it... revenge. We also meet the "one-eyed mechanical jaguar Ravage" who's the servant of Soundwave. And this film will be the mother of robot-on-robot violence, promise writers Orci and Kurtzman. [L.A. Times]

Land Of The Lost:

In this film, an interdimensional misadventure traps three travelers in a wasteland, a sort of cosmic catch-basin where unlucky people and debris wind up like "time-traveling lint." The movie's heroes are a park ranger named Rick Marshall, who was mocked for his theories about tachyons — they turned out to be true, but all of his other ideas, like the benefits of dinosaur urine and running in a serpentine path when fleeing dinosaurs, are totally cracked. Holly (Anna Friel) is Rick's long-suffering research assistant, and Danny McBride plays a survivalist dragged along on their expedition. [L.A. Times]


Michael Emerson and Evangeline Lilly were at the Jules Verne festival in Paris. And judging from their remarks, it sounds like there are two crazy cataclysmic events in the finale. Ben is involved in the lesser of them, and Kate is involved in the greater — and weirder — of them. [The ODI]

Meanwhile, we will learn more about the smoke monster's origins before the end of the series, but not necessarily in a flashback. Also, we'll be seeing some dead characters in the season finale, and we'll learn more about how Locke and Christian Shepherd are able to wander around the island after apparently dying. [TV Guide]


Here's the Canadian promo for Tuesday's episode.


There are some detailed spoilers for Thursday's episode, "Injustice," which mostly jibe with the details we posted ages ago. Some new details: Tess Mercer's new "Injustice" gang includes Plastique, Voltage, Leech and Fallout. They're tailing a woman. Then Voltage is leaning over Fallout's dead body and crying — apparently they fought with Doomsday, and Fallout paid the ultimate price. Tess Mercer is pissed, because she ordered them not to engage Doomsday, but wait for "the Traveler" to arrive. Voltage wants to leave Tess Mercer's crew, but she ends up dying by having a chip in her skull explode. But still, Plastique and Leech won't believe Chloe when she says Tess killed Voltage, because they're kind of slow.

But later, Leech and Plastique realize Tess betrayed them, and they tie her up. Plastique tortures Tess to get her secret password, but Oliver shows up with Lex's kryptonite ring, hurting Leech — because Leech stole Clark's powers. The pain Leech is in won't stop until he gives Clark's powers back. Then we find Tess looking at a wooden box, which turns out to contain the Phantom Zone crystal. Her science goons have tried everything to destroy it, but it's indestructible. [Comic Book Movie]


And here are some more new photos from the season finale. You know, Photoshop has this amazing tool that would get rid of that unsightly red-eye effect on Davis. [OSCK]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.