Anyone here running a fever or a cough? How about just needlessly panicking? It's a Disaster!!!!

I still haven't watched it.
And by the way? I didn't want your stupid Zune anyways, my Sansa works just fine.

Lens flares, clever creative enhancement or blinding nuissance? Discuss.

Seriously though, I am really excited for this film. The ship looks awesome.

New Kirk, Old Kirk, Picard etc... Who's the best captain? Keep in mind, Janeway never put srtipper poles in the shuttlecraft.

Well, the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" finally got a more secure release date. It had been held up for some retooling after the test screenings decided that it was entirely way too dark and depressing to be released in its current form.

So the studio put their best minds behind it and problem solved! Now it's a story of a father and son in a post apocalyptic wasteland looking for salvation while on the run from cannibalistic marauders, but they're aided by a giant cartoon bear named Rhoadie who's as loveable as he is clumsy. Watch as they get into any number of crazy misadventures. From Rhoadie scaring off bad guys to the time when they all wake up in a fallout shelter and Rhoadie accidentally eats all the food while he's dreaming. UH OH! Here is a shot from the improved film where Rhoadie is trying to catch up to his buddies.

So it's decided. The unchecked goodie-goodieness of these pathetic fools wedged into bike shorts who call themselves "Superheroes" is about to be thrown back into their face! The police can handle muggers and bleeding heart liberals can feed homeless people. These sods want to be Superheroes?! How can one be a Superhero without a Super-Villain as their Arch-nemesis!!! I call on you io9ers.. join me and my organization as we reduce these comic-store rejects to whimpering piles of goo on their city streets and the basements of their mothers.

Join R.O.A.C.H. (thanks to NefariousNewt for the Acronym) to fulfill your villainous destiny! Plus, how can you say no to a logo like that, especially after you look at their website. The only thing super about that, is that it's super shitty.

Oh guys... Wolverine has a confession.

Alright, have a good week, stay frosty.

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