Well, now we know that Alan Tudyk is in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, and just what character he plays. He talked to Entertainment Weekly about preparing for the role... including a depressingly buff body double. Spoilers!

Talking to Michael Ausiello, Tudyk explained how he ended up as Dollhouse's big bad, Alpha:

Joss told me about the role at a social function. I was asking about his new show and he started describing the role of Alpha. It sounded like the most amazing role ever, and I asked him, "Who's playing him?" He really hyped it up. And then he said, "I want you to play it." It really caught me off guard. I think it's the best role ever written. As an actor there's so much there to work with. I guess Joss always saw me as somebody who could be 43 different people at once... I've always been a raving lunatic in front of Joss. He saw that side of me the time I trashed his house because I was crazy that day. [Laughs] I was really happy he saw me as that. It's quite a compliment to offer me a role like this, because it's not easy.

One of the things that isn't so easy? Bulking up for the role:

[T]hey cast a damn body double that looks like the Hulk! Joss showed me the first episode where you see Alpha from behind and I was like, "Oh my God. I've got a lot of work to do." But I have a Ned Flanders kind of body. When I'm wearing baggy clothes you wouldn't expect that I have any muscle. Just like in tonight's episode. I don't look too wildly in shape at first. It's when I put on the tight shirt that you see it.

Tudyk even hints at possible Alpha appearances beyond next week's season finale:

Joss hasn't said anything about the future of Alpha, but I could free myself up for it. That isn't contractually impossible. I could get out as much as he needs me to.

So, wait, he's not dying next week? Now I'm even more curious to see how the season finishes.

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