Too busy fighting the good fight against sick pigs everywhere? Don't worry we've got the week wrapped up here. Find out why Trek's so flashy, eight books every Wolverine fan should read and stem-cell news.

J.J. Abrams Admits Star Trek Lens Flares Are "Ridiculous"
If you've seen a single second of Abrams' Star Trek you know the film is stuffed with audience blinding lens flashes. J.J. Abrams admitted he got a bit carried away, but explained why they're there.

Top 10 Greatest Mentally Ill Superheroes
You don't have to be crazy to put on a shiny costume and battle evil - but it doesn't hurt. Here's our list of the ten most awesomely insane superheroes.

The Romance That Will Change Star Trek Forever
J.J. Abrams' Star Trek takes your familiar crewmembers places they've never been before - including one love story that will forever alter the crew's dynamic.

9 Wolverine Books You Must Read Before The Movie
X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens on Friday, but a love of Hugh Jackman can only take you so far. Here're the comics you need to read before heading to the theater next weekend.

Eleven Visions of Life After the Great Epidemic
Feeling worried about the impending swine flu epidemic? Just to make you feel more panicked, we've put together a list of 11 movies that show what happens when humanity is attacked by unstoppable viruses.

Two Stem Cell Research Breakthroughs You Should Know About
Stem cell therapy has the potential to rejuvenate Alzheimers-damaged brains, and has already helped cure some kinds of blindness. And there are two more reasons to be hopeful about stem cell treatments, announced this week.

A Drug To Re-Awaken Ancient Human Genes And Fight HIV
"Junk DNA" are inactive parts of your genome, switched off long ago in evolutionary history. Now scientists say there's a junk gene that fights HIV. And they've discovered how to turn it back on.What these scientists have done could give us the first foolproof HIV vaccine.

Trek Writer Explains How TNG Staff Boldly Went Insane
As the world prepares itself for Star Trek-mania with the release of the new movie, one Next Generation writer looks back on his tenure with the franchise, and spills the beans about how he survived.

Cincinnati Patrolled By Real-Life Superheroes. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Cincinnati has its own Allegiance of Heroes led by a 21-year-old masked superhero named Shadowhare. These superheroes patrol the streets carrying legal weapons in hopes of hindering evildoers.